I quietly swore I would not return until I was up to date with Game of Thrones. Now that I am, I want to sob a little.

But I am ready. Though I am in the middle of an assignment right now, I will bring this blog back up to speed. I’m really sorry for my constant disappearances, life has a way of barring me from the fun when things get super important. 8(

I have to head off for now, but for those interested in plotting, my ask box is always open! I will answer any messages when I return!

Thank you so much, everyone!! (。´∀`)ノ


I have some stuff about it here! It’s fairly long because I was brainstorming as I was going, and I wanted to make sure I’m not overstepping bounds as far as adapting Claire for the verse. If there’s anything you think I should adjust, let me know! c:

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Send me "▲" if you want to rp with me


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( awesome! i have a got verse but i’ve only done like one thread with it :3 )

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We shall plot, yes?

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"Oh." Garlan gave a slight smile. "Forgive me, in that case - I didn’t mean to interrupt you." However… "May I ask, though, what knowledge you’re so eager to absorb in this case?"


          “There is nothing to forgive.”

      At last, Tyrion’s mismatched gaze rose to meet that of his Tyrell associate, nothing but the faintest of smiles to warm it.

          “Histories of Westeros; its ascension, its battles, its blood— whatever the past offers.”



"I confess, Rhaegal is surely not the most comfortable mount, but the view when one flies on a dragon’s back over the clouds cannot be beaten by any route you might take on a steed.
       And dragons are much safer to travel on, no one would be dimwitted enough to attack a woman traveling on a dragon’s back.”

          “None would dare dream it, my lady. Dragon fire has a way of wordlessly eliciting one’s compliance.”



❝ I meant what I said. ❞

As much as she hated being a Lannister, she had to admit that he was the black sheep of the family. She poured them both a goblet, though hers was only half full. Sansa did not have the love of wine that Tyrion seemed to have.

❝ …T’is not as if they’ve ever been kind to you. ❞

     The tension poisoning the air about them had been gradually receding with their mutual acceptance of one another. Of this, he was glad— King’s Landing seeped enough disquietude as it was, and it had begun to weigh his form down.

          “—Kindness is scarce in King’s Landing,” His stunted fingers were wrapped snugly around a gilded chalice; wine offered him a comfort no gentle kiss, nor the bare curve of a woman’s hip, could give.